Scientific programme Saturday 4 November 2017

  • Saturday 04 November 2017
  • Session 4: Miscellaneous topics (Click here to see the full session)

    Chair: Brian O’Sullivan (CA)
    • 08:45
      What is the optimal larynx preservation approach and who are the candidates?

      Jean-Louis Lefebvre (FR)
    • 09:05
      Is the approach to patients with unknown primary tumors any different in 2017?

      Piero Nicolai (IT)
    • 09:25
      Cytotoxic chemotherapy and targeted therapy in nasopharynx cancer

      Ethan Argiris (GR)
    • 09:45
      Are there alternative chemotherapy regimens for EXTREME in recurrent/metastatic SCCHN

      Joel Guigay (FR)
    • 10:05
      New data on systemic therapy of salivary gland tumors

      Lisa Licitra (IT)
    • 10:25
      Treatment of elderly patients with head and neck cancer

      Jan Vermorken (BE)
  • 10:45
    Coffee break
  • Session 5: Thyroid cancer (Click here to see the full session)
    • 11:15
      World-wide thyroid-cancer epidemics; what is going on?

      Salvatore Vaccarella (FR)
    • 11:35
      The surgical approach to thyroid cancer in 2017

      Bob Ferris, (US)
    • 11:55
      New guidelines for adult patients with thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer

      Kate Newbold (UK)
    • 12:20
  • 12:30